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Logging In / Out

Logging In

  • Type the email address in the Email Address field.
  • Type the password into the Password field.
  • Click the Log in button.

First Time Users Login Set Up

  • Email addresses are given a temporary password for a first time login.
  • The user selects a new password by entering the new password twice.
  • Click the Submit button to confirm the new password.
  • The users selects two different security questions and answers to the questions for password retrieval purposes.
  • Click the Submit button to confirm the security questions.
















Logging Out

For security reasons, it is important to completely log out of the Sharesource portal after you are finished using it.

  • Find your username at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Logout link.


Frequently Asked Questions

Login Related Questions

Other Common Questions

Vivia Related Questions

Customer Service Related Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I can't remember my password
A: Use the "Forgot Your Password?" link to reset your password.

Q: I've requested my password, but I'm told my details cannot be found. What should I do?
A: You may be registered under a different email address. Try using the "Forgot Your Password?" link with any other email addresses you may be registered under. Alternatively, call Baxter HomeCare Services for help.

Q: I want to change my password
A: To change your password:

  • Log in to the portal using your current password
  • Click on the Down Arrow next to your name (in the upper right hand corner)
  • Click on "Account Settings"
  • Select "Change Password" and follow the instructions

Q: I can't remember my username
A: Your email address is your username. Try using your email address to log in.

Q: I have locked myself out of my account
A. Use the "Forgot Your Password" link to reset your password.

Q: Why did the Forgot Password link send me to the Login Screen?
A. If a new Sharesource user doesn't click on the activation link from their email prior to trying to use the Forgot Password link, Sharesource will not allow them to proceed and will send them to the Login Screen.

Q: Why am I having trouble viewing certain web pages?
A: You may not be using a supported web browser. The support web browsers for Sharesource are Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. A resolution of 1024x768 or higher is recommended.

Q: Why can't I see certain patient information or access certain functions?
A: Patient access and access to Sharesource functionality is dependent on a user's permission levels, which are set via the User Management. Contact your clinic administrator to verify you have the appropriate access. If there are still issues, contact Baxter Customer Service.

Q: The treatment time on the Treatment Summary screen is different from the time shown in the printed Treatment Summary report. Which is correct?
A: The Treatment Summary screen contains the correct treatment time. If a treatment overlapped with daylight savings time, the report incorrectly calculates the treatment time.

Q: How do I see data that is cut off in the data table?
A: To see the full information, hover over the information that has been cut off with your mouse. If this does not work, select "View" or "Edit" to see the full information.

Q: Why is content in a drop-down menu cut off?
A: This is a known error with Internet Explorer 8. Try using a different supported browser such as Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Q: I was trying to update a device program today and as I was trying to save my new program, I got an error stating that a setting that I had not changed was out of range. Why did this happen?
A: There are several reasons why this might happen. Some settings interact with each other (for example, sometimes, if you increase the amount of heparin that a patient is to receive, you will also need to increase the heparin bottle size since you are now using more heparin than before). Another reason is if a clinician changes the device program directly on the Vivia device, in some scenarios, the settings will be acceptable on the device, but not in Sharesource. Adjusting the device program settings within the allowed bounds in Sharesource will correct this error.


Q: An alert occurred while draining the Blood Set. The Vivia device reports "Alert: Fluid Paths Draining Failure", and Sharesource reports "Alert: Blood Set Draining failure". Are these the same?
A: Yes, these are reporting the same condition on the Vivia device. Sharesource provides a more recent version of the alert description. In an effort to provide meaningful alert descriptions, the most recent description identifies the "Blood Set" as a more specific location within the "Fluid Path".


Q: Why are some fields highlighted in red when I review a Device Program that has been modified on the Vivia device?
A: Some settings in the Device Program are dependent upon each other. When the modified Device Program is received and viewed within Sharesource, those dependencies are applied and any values that require adjustment are highlighted in red for review and update. Please refer to the on-screen guidance for allowable range information for those fields.


Q: I have configured Flag Rules for "Blood Flow Rate Below Set Level" and/or "Blood Volume Processed Less Than Expected", and the flag is not being reported for patients with an Access Type of Catheter.
A: Sharesource currently only evaluates those flags for patients with an Access Type of Double Needle, so patients with an Access Type of Catheter will not be evaluated for the "Blood Flow Rate Below Set Level" and/or "Blood Volume Processed Less Than Expected" flags.


Q: What is the customer service phone number to call if I have questions about a placed order?
A: Please call Baxter Customer Service using the phone number provided in the "Contact Us" Section.

Q: Why do I receive an error when I click on "Privacy Terms and Conditions" from the Login page?
A: This is a known defect that will be corrected in the next software version release. The Privacy Terms and Conditions link works once you are logged into the application.

Q: Why does it seem that at times the data in the Solutions, Disposable, Ancillaries tab has not been updated when I make a change?
A: There are a few known defects that will be corrected in the next software version, where old data is shown when you click "Previous". However, the logic behind the scenes is all working. You will receive the order that is shown on the Review screen, and you will not be able to place any orders that exceed the maximum quantity limits set by the clinic.

Sharesource Products

Sharesource Customer Service
Version: 9.0.0

Sharesource Connectivity Platform for Use with the Amia Automated PD System
Version: 3.0.0
GTIN: 05413765565694
Place of Manufacture: USA
Date of Manufacture: 2017-04-11